Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Unstoppable Force meets the (Small) Immovable Object

Do you remember when we lived in CA and took care of Marina and I would go to the Thursday market* every week and get flowers, strawberries, oranges, hummus and pita chips and then we would eat it right there by that big fountain (we'd bring the flowers home)...which sounds like it would be so fun but a certain short someone hated it SO much and cried the whole time, every time?

That's sort of what it's like getting Carly out the door to our farmer's market today. She wants to stay at home, in bed, like her dad. Fortunately we have about half an hour for her to shake off the grumpies because we ARE going even if she doesn't feel like it. She usually changes her mind when it comes time to pick out the tomatoes or the strawberries, so let's hope it's like that today.

*you can click on "Thursday market" and it will take you to an old links don't show up very well. =)

Edited to add: It was fine. By the time we got into the car, she was happy and chirping about yummy food. The chicken guy and the orange people were both missing so we were disappointed about that, but we did get a huge ham roast - whoa, sticker shock - and pretty veggies. Then Bree ate: 1/2 a buttermilk biscuit, 2 pieces of smoked sausage, 1 1/2 hash browns, 5 strawberries (see-bay-bays), 2 servings of eggs and a bite of grits. Carly ate whatever was left. =)

Now we're off to Target for laundry soap and onions (there weren't any at the fm - so weird) and then hitting the gym if Bree can hold it together and then home for naps before an afternoon birthday party. We don't expect Paul until later tonight because he's going out of town for a week to do some training and he has to prepare for that and organize for his guys next week.

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Maria said...

Sounds like Carly didn't get much breakfast! ;-)