Friday, March 05, 2010

Part 2 or 2

After we picked Carly up from the school, the girls and I went down to the Healing Place Church's amazing playground. They're in the middle of building an enormous new building and there were administrators and guys in suits all over place but all anyone said to us was hey and what a nice day, so I guess they didn't mind us being there. =) And hello - how cool is this play structure?! OMG. Three stories, four slides, three crawl-through things, a rock wall...I love that you have to climb up a stepladder to get to the top story, so little kids can't really get up there.

Another feature - it's a tractor with all kinds of things to crawl on and turn. The whole surface is that awesome bouncy rubber, too! This is a great park for the won't be so fun when it's ninety degrees outside, though! (no shade!)

Climbing some rocks

Then she found an umbrella someone had left behind!

I love her eyes in this photo =)

Then JoJo and Charlie came! The girls were SO excited to see their friends! (We missed Ava and Owain, time!)

Do you remember Carly and baby crack? Okay, do you see Bree double fisting those puffies?

Then this morning - I made peach and cinnamon whole wheat muffins for the girls. Each muffin weighed about six pounds, but they smelled SO good!

Little miss fussypants. She ate a bunch of fruit, half a muffin and her eggs and kept throwing her milk on the floor.

And THIS is why driving drives me crazy. We got waylaid by some weird construction around Carly's ballet school so I thought it would be a great opportunity to catch up with what was going on in the world. My darling children had other ideas about our audio entertainment. =) Two true thing: I love them. They can make me nuts.

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Maria said...

Made the mistake of watchign that with the boys around...I had it in sterio!