Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sesame Street Live!

When we finally figured out where the backstage party was (with ZERO help from the ladies at the door, oh my!) we got our bag of swag and Carly sat right down to look through it. We got a booklet on living healthy, which I thought was totally ironic considering they had nothing but chips, snow cones and cotton candy for sale in the concession stands, and a book and a poster. And some crackers, which Bree promptly took. Then she licked each of them and tossed them on the floor after making the funniest face. I guess she thought maybe she'd find ONE that tasted good. =)

And excuse this photo. Judging from what happened to the fifty other photos I took today, I guess I set my camera to blurry this morning. AND! Okay, who remembers Carly at Elmo's birthday party in New Orleans? Here the **link**. Yeah. That's her hiding behind my legs and holding on for dear life while I was trying so hard not to laugh and hurt her feelings. It was FUNNY, though! Bree was happy as could be, she gave high fives, did a great 'ah-ah' to the count and hopped up on Elmo's lap all by herself.

Look at both of them! Such intense skepticism. Carly figured out right away that those were costumes and I think that's part of why she wanted nothing to do with "Elmo" at the meet-n-greet. I really think the perfect age for a show like this is between 2.5 and 4 depending on the kid. Carly enjoyed it - I think - and Bree was just mesmerized by the lights and sounds.

The ONE non-blurry photo I got of the stage action...not that you really need to see that much, but still. At one point during this skit, Burt was singing about being seasick and leaned over a bucket, then using that SAME bucket, he threw confetti out on the audience. Gross!

During another skit there were some blacklit fish and jellyfish swimming around and Carly needed to know exactly how that worked. I took a full flash photo for her so she could see the people in black clothing moving the fish around and after that she was much more comfortable with the whole thing. Not that I can blame her at all - I like to know what's really going on, too.

Intermission. Okay, we don't buy stuff at events like this. It's a rule - one that although it doesn't change must be repeated often - and Carly had to be reminded about eight times that we were not going home with one of these balloons. $10 and ALL of them were gone. They had to go in the back for more. Along with those little whirlygigs, and penants, and t-shirts...crazy.

Afterward - Carly caught one of the streamers and she was having the most fun with it! It's overcast today but nice enough weather that Bree got to wokka-wokka (walk) all the way back to the go-go (car). She had to hoehan (hold hands) which she doesn't exactly LOVE, but it was more fun than being carried.

From there we went to a very crowded Whole Foods b/c we missed the market this morning. Both girls had pizza from the bakery and made friends with the cashier. They're both passed out now and we're looking forward to hanging out with Savannah in a couple of hours. Good Saturday! Paul's (still) in a meeting that was supposed to be over at noon....this meeting is never less than ten hours so hopefully we'll see him before bedtime tonight. =)


McCoyFamily said...

How fun!!!!

Michelle said...

Poor Brookston, he was tortured by the fact that every time the characters (usually the grungy girl version of oscar) wizzed by to get on the stage it scared the boogers out of the poor thing! Otherwise, he seemed to have fun!

AND OMG, the people we were with bought both Brookston and their child a $10 balloon...they spent $20 on BALLOONS!! OUCH!