Saturday, March 20, 2010

Attack of the Sillies

Carly's school had a park playdate Thursday but the attendance was pretty slim. Not that Carly cared. She was rocking her shamrock headband.

Bree - with her Sylvia Warren Original. She wears this every day....a little kid fell down and was crying and she was saying "oh sazh, sazh." That's "sad." Sometimes she'll go over to Carly and take a double fist of hair and then sort of hang from her sister's head for a minute and then walk around to see Carly's face, then point at her and say "oh, sazh." Like, "this is what happens when I hang from her hair. Isn't that interesting? It works every single time." We're working on empathy, y'all, but it's a process.


Then Frances arrived! She was the only one of Carly's friends to come to the park for a long time...and oh MY. I thought Carly was silly by herself, but get THESE two commediennes together! They were a riot!

I love this! Please listen to it - it's so funny!


Kalyn said...

I remember exactly where I was when you emailed me the photo of that outfit that Bree has on. You got it on Ebay right????


Michelle said...