Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stairsteps =)

Savannah came over to hang out with us today. She's exactly in-between my girls in age so it's really cute to see them all together. We went on a wokka-wokka around our neighborhood and got tortured by mosquito hawks, these big insects that look a lot like daddy long legs spiders with wings. They hang out in swarms and the big girls were in fits over it. Bree just kept trying to break away and run in the street...but it was such a nice post-rain afternoon, we had to get out in it, if only for a little while.
Then while Paul managed Bree's dinner, bath and bedtime (she gives instructions at each step, so it's easy!) the big girls and I made cupcakes! Carrot and raisin and yummy. You can see in this photo what I mean about Carly's hair texture changing. We straightened it in the morning and she woke up with those big waves. I just need to figure out how to get the front around her face to match AND how to make it not look all fuzzy and crackly and we'll be set. =)

Happy helpers

Quick break for dinner - Carly requested fish again. We bought four different kinds at the store today, so we should be set. Tonight it was lemon pepper cod and it got two thumbs up!

My third favorite thing about babysitting Savannah is that her mom is willing to take home baked treats. (My first is that we love Savannah and my second is that Allison is great when we switch hours) these are the cupcakes! With cream cheese icing, green coconut and Peeps! Savannah helped decorate them while Carly was dancing like a princess.

Paul turned on Mulan for the girls but they're back in the hallway doing what girls do best - talking! They've been back there just like this for fifteen minutes.

Discussing whether fairies are real or imaginary. Consensus: real.

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Maria said...

That is so adorable...they look like they could be in someone's dorm room not Mommy's living room!