Friday, February 12, 2010

Bree's 18 Month

Our little miss is in the 50th percentile for weight at 24.5 pounds and in the 90th for height at 33.5 inches. That's 3.2 pounds and 2.3 inches since fifteen months. Amazing! I was just telling Paul the other day how she looks so much taller lately...and there it is.

Carly came with us because school is out today in case the overnight sleet and rain froze, which it didn't thankfully. I don't know why the schools decide on closures the night before, but the sarcastic side of me is going to say that the *awesome* school board here wanted to get a head start on Mardi Gras. =)

Anyway, I was glad Carly came because she had a little wheezing in her lungs and had a breathing treatment while we were there and we came home with a prescription for an inhaler in case the one we have from last year is expired.

Both girls also had their H1N1 boosters. Usually the older kid goes first because there is less drama but apparently those rules were written by someone who does not know my children. Bree didn't cry at all. And to be fair to her big sister, Carly didn't know she was going to get a shot (because I didn't know either) and it was kind of a mean surprise. I had to lay on her and hold both her hands - I hate that - and then she screamed for a couple of minutes and three hours later is still hobbling around like her leg is broken. I'm not telling her that she's holding onto the wrong leg. =)

So again we're thankful for Tricare. Carly has some kind of respiratory virus that is causing the wheezing but since she's not running a fever we're going to stick with Robitussin and the inhaler until her cough clears. Bree's ears are fine and she's doing great overall...we got two appointments in one, a breathing treatment, a prescription and two boosters. It's so nice to just take care of what we need to take care of without having to juggle co-pays and partial pays.

I'm on hold with Kodak right now to try and fix my CAMERA. Hopefully that will mean we can have some photos later of this grouchy Carly and her not-so-little sister.

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