Thursday, February 11, 2010

Theme of the Day: Sharing

As in, other people sharing their things with us.
Like the following photos, that my friend Katherine took for me with her is Bree in her Valentine's Day outfit, borrowing Isabelle's doll. Poor Isabelle. Bree tried to borrow her stroller, her doll, her baby was a hard morning for Isabelle.

And here is Bree trying to decide whether or not she wants to borrow baby Reece.

Look at the clarity of this PHOTO as my child snuck a french fry (horrors!) from Lucy.

Quick! Before Mommy gets back! Not that it should matter, since all those crumbs are from cupcakes and my Fauxreos that were just not as cool as I was hoping they'd be.

Then she stole Miss Michelle's last blueberry. =)


Kalyn said...

OMG is that lil' girl beautiful or what! Fauxreo or not......

Steph said...

i love Bree's eyes!! they are so big and bright!!! oh and her it! such a cutie pie! :)

KKGhoffman said...

I Love that girl... she is sooo cute!! You can always share with me!!