Saturday, March 14, 2015


So we're buying a house, y'all.

Not a house-house, another town house. It's better constructed than this one, and bigger (by about 10 square feet), with a fence, and woods beyond...there are many things we love about this new-to-us house, not least of which are the very affordable price tag and the fact that, as a townhouse, it should be relatively easy to rent when it's time for us to buy or build our lovely forever home.

Renting is super expensive, and Paul's in the middle of his MBA. I think we need to wait and see where that takes him after he graduates. I, of course, would like to stay here, but we'll see. 

For now, the house. We'll move at the end of May - which means there is no soon end to the craziness of our lives. 

I've got all our personal photos down off the walls and packed away, and I've purged the kitchen, and Katie's room of unnecessary objects. The playroom...ohhh, the playroom is making me sad. It's the best part of this house, and such a wonderful space! I already miss it. =(      Anyway, the playroom is next. We need to cull the toys by at least half, which shouldn't be terribly hard as long as I do it when no child is awake to see the carnage in action.

Speaking of children and carnage, Katie just walked into the room and informed me that her job is to cut her neenoo's (Barbies) hair. While a chunk of her own hair is hanging down off her shoulder. Hm. Not good.

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