Friday, March 13, 2015


Snow day aftermath!
I don't even feel bad their gloves don't match. IT'S MARCH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. We can still FIND four gloves, and I'm calling that a win. Man, I'm so glad all that snow has melted and winter is almost over. SO GLAD.
I may have already posted these! But Carly and her friend Sam earned their Simple Meals cooking badge during one of our snowy days...they made heart-shaped beignets with sprinkles, granola parfaits, risotto and ham and cheese crepes. They did a great job and we had so much fun!

On the first day over 50 with sunshine I got a bunch of texts asking how excited I was about the non-sucky weather. Actually it was completely gorgeous weather and we loved it, no makeup selfie and all. I love not-winter. Not-winter is my favorite thing on earth.


Tell me you don't walk into Target just like this.
I won't believe you, but you can tell me. Haha - in case you can't hear, she's saying "eeeeeverything!" 

Then, my poor sugar baby had some sniffs and a sore bottom on Monday night and she didn't go to sleep until 2am. She wandered around the house asking for snacks, spent some time in my bed watching movies and not enjoying her pretzel snack, she was up and down the stairs crying a few was pretty miserable for all of us. Then at 9:30 the next morning, after emptying the baking drawer she ptfo for juuuuust long enough for me to miss my workout class, then spent the rest of the afternoon....well, look at the picture. Not a happy camper.

Much better today, though! Right after dance we dropped Bree off at the mall with MomMom for a sleepover and Katie fell asleep in the car on the way home. She transferred to her bed (UNHEARD OF) and is still asleep....hopefully she'll sleep through and will be a happy chicken in the morning!!!

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