Friday, March 06, 2015

Snow Days!

This is the first week of March and this is what our yard looks like. I'm not sure if I've made my opinion of winter clear or not (that is sarcasm, folks) but it's NOT MY FAVORITE.

Much like Katie's opinion of naptime. She "made magic ice like Elsa" and threw out all her books and the GIANT pile of clothes in her closet intended as hand-me-downs. It was such a huge mess! That kid.

Then, later that day, Paul took a class from me - hooray for PiYo and sweet husbands.

Okay, and this brings us current! Yesterday we had snow ALL day long - it snowed for twelve hours! So, no school for us. I had a list of things to do, but my kids had better plans. Every time I was presented with a ticket, I stopped to participate, and even though it made the first five steps of this plan take twelve hours, it was worth every distraction. How many invitations to private air shows do you really get in a lifetime?

Later on, Bree had a private library opening. There were no cats or dogs allowed, but there were books, tickets, a sign in sheet, and a puppet show. Pretty cool!



We're home again today because the roads couldn't get plowed in time for school buses.
I am SO ready for spring. This white is lovely, but my word I would kill for a shot of green.

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