Wednesday, September 17, 2014


There's a thing called InstaFriday, where more organized people than me post all their favorite Instagram photos from the week. Well, Miss Katie decided to wake up SCREAMING at 4:52am this morning, starving hungry, which means I was up at 4:52am.

Paul did offer to go get her, but what would have happened was that he would have brought her back to bed and immediately fallen asleep while she kicked me and screamed in my actual face that she was so hungry. So really no matter what, I was going to be up at 4:52am cooking breakfast. It's okay, that's pretty close to 5, and it's now after 6, so it's alright. I'm just pretending that I'm being extremely productive while I chug coffee and post pictures to a blog three people read. =)

Anyway! Instagram photos! The following have either been posted in another form or are actually from my Instagram feed. There may be repeats!

This is another view of our awesome sandbar adventure the first Saturday after school started. It was SUCH a great end to our beach season!

Another FDOS! Both girls are settling into their classrooms well....well-ish. Carly has extreme anxiety about a homework assignment she lost. Like, it's a week into school and she's already lost a homework assignment, but we didn't say that, she said that, and it hurt her belly with being worried. Poor kiddo!

Carly and her friend Jessica goofing off with our dressup clothes.

Then, weekend before last, we went to help with a race that Paul helped plan. It's called the Heroes 911 run and is put on by the Travis Manion Foundation. It was a really great event, and I was proud the girls could be part of it.

Bree ran the mile "fun run" which was anything but fun for our little jellybean, while Carly and her junior friends womanned the water station. They were so adorable and did a good job cheering on all the runner!

The following are random photos of my sillies in action. We try to get to a park as often as possible while the weather is nice. Katie is such a mountain goat!

I know those are the saddest, most pot bound little E.T. flowers I've ever seen....good thing Carly is distracting us with being hilarious. =)

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