Friday, September 12, 2014

RIGHT in the Middle of the Classroom

I was going to make this kind of boring list about all the things we have going on right now, but, well....that's kind of boring, so instead let me tell you a little story about something I did yesterday.

Let me set the scene.

Back to School night, extremely small first grade classroom filled with about fifteen parents. I know maybe half of them. I'm wearing a cool black t-shirt that says "girls can do anything" because I was recruiting for Girl Scouts before the teacher meeting. Most of the other parents are in going-out-to-dinner clothes, except that one couple that always overdresses, but they look amazing and are actually really nice so their sartorial statement doesn't count here.

The teacher has given her presentation and we're all starting to stand up and get ready to leave. One of the dads is like "Oh HI!" very friendly and I was confused because I didn't really recognize him...then I saw his wife who we know from Daisies and the pool, and it clicked. I hung out with this couple a lot this summer because our girls are friends. I just didn't recognize him in business mode, as opposed to summer mode.

That last sentence right there is what I SHOULD have said. Of course it is not what I ACTUALLY said.

Instead, I opened my mouth, and out came "Oh hey! I didn't recognize you with your clothes on!"


Because, the pool, swimsuits, you know what I meant. Extremely lucky for me, my friend (this guy's wife) is very cool and funny and she knew what I meant, too. And I didn't really realize how weird that statement really was until I got home and saw she'd posted the story on Facebook and ohhhh my goshhhhh. I've been cringing ever since. Basically I can never speak to that guy again ever. EVER.

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