Friday, September 19, 2014

For The Record

Our life is crazy right now.

How many times have I said that over the last 9.8 years? Probably a lot. But this time I really mean it.

Paul's still not home yet. He went from work, to a philanthropy meeting, to a school meeting. He has school tomorrow night and Saturday and all day Sunday he'll be at his parents' house trying to unwind but really keeping Katie from breaking all the things since I'll have both big girls at Girl Scouts ALL afternoon where I will try to keep them from breaking one another and possibly my sanity alongside.

It's nuts. Jamaica is calling and I can't WAIT to get there.

We had my sister and her "friend" over for dinner tonight. It's a him-friend, and the girls were making googly eyes and showing off for him throughout the whole meal until I finally put them into their beds just so I could get a full sentence out that didn't include some kind of correction like "elbows off the table" "stop kicking our guest" "please don't spit spinach out" etc etc. Dinner with three kids is not exactly glamorous. We did have a lovely roast chicken, sweet potato casserole, dandelion greens, the aforementioned spinach and a pretty amazing apple crisp, if I do say so myself. It was fun to have a real dinner at the actual dining room table...even though the table is covered in marker marks, pen marks, glitter, etc. Dinner with three kids....really. Unglamorous, but man it's pretty great anyway.

This chaos that is my entire freaking life - I love it. How lucky I am that while my husband is out slaying dragons of all kinds, I have this house and these crazy children to care for. Still can't wait for Jamaica though, if only to actually have a full conversation with him before we're interrupted by our progeny or he falls asleep snoring midsentence.


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