Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Summah Cammmmp!

Yay Bree's summer camp!
She went to a cute little Girl Scout day camp about 20 minutes from our house, and she had a good time...after the first couple of days when she was nervous and her belly hurt and she was soooo tired. =(

Most of the other girls there are in day camp all the time when their parents work, so they were already used to the go-go-go from 8:45-4:30, but not so Miss Bree! No one believes me when I say she was wiped OUT...girlfriend does have an abnormally high level of energy, but whew camp really took it out of her!

I think she was driving her counselors just a *tiny* bit batty with her food evangelism, but what can I say? If you give a smart kid Cheetos, she's going to let you know that's bad for you and it's fake food. Because it is. Apparently, one day she went back and told them she had to eat nothing but vegetables when she was at home because there were no nutrients to "grow my body" in the snacks at camp. Lolol, I was wondering why she ate three servings of salad...mystery solved.

Other than that, she had a good time! She got to make crafts, go canoeing (with a counselor!), go swimming lots, go on nature fun!

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