Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Concerts and Art and Sunshine, Oh My!

While Bree was at daycamp, Katie, Carly and I went to our second concert at the Mann. It was pretty much the same audience as before, lots of urban summer camps, but less crowded. The Phanatic paid a visit at the start, which was SO FUN. Then....this is probably one of my favorite pictures of Carly, of all time. She was getting really annoyed that so many people in the audience were talking, full voice, throughout the first part of the concert. 

It was the Philadelphia Boys Choir singing spirituals and they were AMAZING, what we could hear anyway. =) =)  I'll take her to a concert later this year so she can hear them better. After the choir performed, the Rock School of Dance performed and they were ALSO amazing. So much talent!

As can be seen in the left hand photo, the poor Phanatic was mobbed by camp kids so instead of fighting it, my big girl just chose this thumbs-up. =) After that we stayed in Fairmount Park and visited the Horticultural's pretty but it's mostly a wedding venue. The outside part was a gorgeous park with fountains and sculpture, which we enjoyed walking around.

On Monday night, we had these two great friends sleep over then we all went to Art Splash at the Philadelphia Art Museum. Such a great resource!

The weather was so lovely and the girls all had a great time designing and making instruments from all the cool art supplies set up in the top balcony. I love this place - especially since kids are *free.* Yay!

Sam was way into the armor - so into it that the guard decided to knight her right there! Pretty sweet. As we were leaving she told us not to fear because she was a guardian of the realm. Lol! After that, we went back over to the Modern Art gallery for a special Art Splash demonstration with some Picassos. Kind of amazing, right?! It was so great! These adventures are the funnest!

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