Wednesday, August 06, 2014

The (almost) End of Swim!

Swim season ended for Bree a couple of weeks ago, and for Carly last week...
One of their traditions is called a Senior Splash-Out, where the seniors swim their final practice lap and all the younger kids kick or spash along the sides. It was extremely sweet! This year, the four graduating seniors were all from different area high schools, all are going to swim at NCAA schools, and a couple lettered in other sports, too. One guy was valedictorian of his class, and each of them had chosen a slightly different quote, but all had themes of perseverance, hard work, and the fact that they were in charge of what happened in their lives. It was pretty cool to see.

And then there's Bree making silly faces at the big boys who helped her in practice. =)

EVERYONE loves Katie! This is her specially special friend Evie. And Captain Cool chilling on the playground during Carly's practice! This pool has been absolutely worth the astronomical fee, y'all, for sure.

Again with the funny eyes - sorry, Carly!
Last Saturday, we were up and out at 6:15 to get Carly to the Championship meet. Paul and the little girls met us later, which was best for everyone involved. Carly had a great time with her friends and swam pretty well. She stayed steady in the middle of the pack and helped her relay swim very well. 


Meanwhile, Katie did this, and Bree ate soft pretzels and begged to go to the playground. The meet was held at another pool and their playground is WAY better than ours. =) This according to Bree who is, quite honestly, an expert on playgrounds.

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