Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Girl Scout (Sleepaway!!!!) Camp!

Carly got to go away for a whole week this time! 
We bought a journal for her to keep record of all her adventures and the things she sees - and then she designed and I decorated the cover. She's so funny!

All her stuff, labeled away!
The right picture hurts my heart a little - at first it just looks like a cute picture of her holding her bedding bag, but look at her worried little mouth. My sweet brave baby! She was nervous to stay for a week. When we brought her to the dining hall to meet her friends, her counselor (who looks just like Peter Pan, I swear to you, see below and tell me I'm wrong) had Apples to Apples, which is Carly's favorite game right now, so that was a win. She didn't even turn around to wave to us because she was too busy getting to know her new friends. Then...her awesome camp posts pictures on Facebook, so that is helping me, too!

After Paul and I dropped her off, we were so sad, but like I told Carly before she left, we were more excited for her adventures than we were sad for ourselves missing her while she's gone.

The first thing they did was a 'tippy test' to make the sure the girls know what to do if they tip over a canoe in the lake, and a swim test. Then the opening ceremony, then Monday began their first day of adventures! There is a flag ceremony every morning and night, and you will see my girl on the color guard! Also the rock wall, canoeing, swimming....all out of order. The younger two are melting down right now so I only have a minute or so to finish this....not enough to time to adjust the order. I'm sure we'll all survive. =)

 That's the head counselor for Carly's group...her name is Spot, or Sparky, or something like I that, I forget. But do you see what I mean? Peter Pan is in the house.

Also, let's take a moment and appreciate that Carly is the only kid in the whole line with an accurate understanding of where her heart is actually located. =) 

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