Tuesday, September 02, 2014

What We Did While Carly Was Camping

This seems like ages ago...it was a month! QUITE a month!
Bree and Katie and I ran around and did rad adventures all week....we spent a lot of undocumented time at the pool, and we celebrated the end of the swim season, etc etc.

One of the coolest things we did was attend YET ANOTHER free concert at the Mann Center in Philly. It was Chinese dragon dancers (way cool) and African dance. Bree fell in love with the dancers and is currently signed up to take African dance this fall. Oh my mercy her FACE will be AMAZING. Homegirl loves to move.

We went to the Morris Arboretum...one of my totally favorite places ever...and just hung out. I love LOVE places like this - where I can just follow the girls around as they explore beautiful spaces. Bree's face on the frog - hilarious.

The Arboretum is really close to my in-law's house so we got to spend some bonus time with MomMom after my little squirrels spent a solid hour hanging out in these treetop nets.

Carly, modeling the new science-themed line of Lands End t-shirts

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