Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bree's End of Year Party!

Bree's end of year school party!
It was SO FUN. The weather did not really cooperate, being that it was rainy off and on the low 70's. The kids didn't care, though, and really enjoyed playing the games that my co-room mother had set up. It was really so hard to not jump in an organize the party because I'm used to doing it and also because the other mama is more go with the in stand around and talk about the problem for basically all of the rest of time and not do anything about it. Way frustrating for me, but again, the kids had no idea and they were having a super fun time. How sweeeeeet is Bree?! Man I love that kid.


Sand art! And a bonus - a sign for Pooter's cage. =)


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