Sunday, June 22, 2014

Carly's Birthday Party!

Carly isn't nine for another week and one day, thank GOODNESS, so I could block out that nine-is-half-of-eighteen nonsense and just enjoy my sweet silly girl at the party she planned 100%. I gave her the option of doing anything with a few friends, or something simpler with a lot of friends, and she chose to invite five friends. Only two were available for the sleepover, but that ended up being perfect! They are sweet girls and had a lovely time! Bree and our neighborfriend Ava joined the big girls for manicures at our first stop of the shindig...Carly is making the craziest face. Silly girl!

Stop number 2 was our pool - it was in the low 70's and breezy. I was FREEZING COLD under all the towels, but these little penguins didn't notice. After our polar plunge, they watched Carly's favorite scary episode of Doctor PRICELESS expressions here...

Then we had pizza and cake that Carly designed herself. She's looking a little worried because Paul was burning his hand lighting the candles all crazy.

Once Katie was in bed, the big girls tie-dyed t-shirts! They came out great!!!

The girls went downstairs and played Wii dance, and watched movies, and played with all our billions of toys downstairs...then they joined us for cinnamon rolls and fruit in the morning. Katie went to each of them and asked "you have a good sweepin?" and waited until they answered her, then she told them she had slept well, too, and gave hugs. Pretty adorable. =)

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