Sunday, May 18, 2014

Daisy Camp!

This weekend, we took our Daisies on their first ever camping trip! It was SO fun!

Originally, we had signed up to sleep over in platform tents which sounds nice and easy and comfortable, but after doing our training last month, we discovered that we weren't actually even allowed to sign up for that trip (oops) and our trainer, after yelling about it for a really long time, went and found the camp director and got it all sorted out for us. Lucky we had the trainer we did and the director just so happened to be on site that night. Anyway, we stayed in a lodge, which was basically just a big room with a kitchen (yay!) and bathrooms inside (yay!). It was rustic but so comfortable and SO EASY. One of the moms brought a projector (genius!) and we watched Frozen, because of course we watched Frozen!

These pictures are from Friday evening - we took a little hiking tour of the camp - see our girls so sweet and Bree....oh mercy she's inherited that face from her maternal great-grandmother. Our camp trainer was running the day camp the next day, so their troop of older girls hosted us for s'mores and some songs in the dining hall because it was too damp and rainy for an outdoor fire.


In the morning, we were up early and got the coffee on the for the mommies and the girls helped me toast up bagels and spread on cream cheese or pb with fruit for breakfast. We cleaned up our lodge/room and got everything packed up just in time for day camp to start! Despite the rain ALL day Friday, Saturday was sunny and beautiful. The girls were signed up for workshops all day long but none of them made it past lunch. At each station we lost a friend or two and by the end it was just Bree and one other girl! =)

We did SWAPS, a cool health demonstration called "Be The Blood" where the girls got to act out the parts of the heart and lungs (Bree is the body) and see how blood circulates, then yoga. Yoga was clearly Bree's favorite. =) =) We had such a wonderful time camping - the girls LOVE it and the moms LOVE it, since it was easy and fun and comfortable. We can't wait to go back!


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