Sunday, May 18, 2014

Katie's Week

This week it was finally, finally warm outside. What a relief! I joined a playgroup so Katie could have some friends, but we didn't see too much of them over the winter because I never did respond fast enough to get in on house playdates, and I just prefer to be outside at a park instead of in someone's home.

My BIG girl...she says "I fwing it!" and she also will absolutely not get inside a baby swing. Luckily, she's perfectly happy to swing suuuuuper slow on the big kid fwings. =)

The park we went to has these rad nature trails right next to the playground, so when Katie had played hard for two hours and needed to rest, we popped her in the stroller and took off for a while. She preferred to walk - big shock, right - and we had such a nice time walking around in the shade! When we got home, we had some totticles and she passed OUT at naptime. =)


Later that afternoon we joined our friends in their big gorgeous backyard for playing in the sprinklers, more totticles and some watermelon. Yummy! This is Katie's favorite friend, Meggie! I didn't get pictures of the big kids because they didn't sit still!

My sister was in town to help out with Bree's field trip on Wednesday, and we took the bikes out for the first time in a while. Katie was NOT a fan at all! She so hated it. Sooooo hated it. She screamed and yelled for the entire time we were out! Hopefully she gets over that, because I loved having the bike out again!

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