Monday, April 07, 2014

All is Well(check)

I have so, so, so much to do.

I also brought all three girls to their well checks this morning and the resulting chaos and noise has broken any brain functioning or willpower I may have once had and now I'm sitting here semi-comotose, eating a honeycrisp apple and letting the girls watch Doctor Who.

They're all home because Carly had an allergy attack over the weekend and ended up with a fever no school for her. It's crazy. It's so noisy (if I get up) and everyone is hungry (only if I get up), and they all have questions (only if I make a phone call) and I have so, so, so much to do. I'll start doing it in just a minute.

First, shall we talk about my amazing children? They all have great hearing and eyesight and they are all somewhere in the 90's for height percentile and somewhere in the 60-70 range for weight percentile. I asked the doctor if the weight percentiles are skewed now because of childhood obesity and after being shocked at the question (seriously, had no one considered this?), we then talked about how the height and weight charts haven't been updated in years and honestly, my kids may be in the 50th and people are just taller now...who knows. Anyway, they're all about where they normally are and then when asked what their favorite foods are, they basically inventoried the produce department. So I think we're good. =)

Katie talked the entire time we were there, except when she was screaming because of the stethoscope.
We got kids allegra for allergies.
Katie got two shots.
I was happy to find that once a year well checks don't incur a copay.
The dentist is tomorrow. I think I have a headache in advance for that one.  =)

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