Monday, March 31, 2014


And the angels and birds were singing!
And all the windows were open!
And now I can't breathe because I'm allergic to New Jersey air, but I don't care because, hello it's baseball season and spring is finally, finally here and there was sun and no snow and HALLELUJAH WE MADE IT!

Seriously, happiest opening day of baseball ever. In fact, I'm pretty sure I never even knew when the first day of baseball was, but you can bet I knew this year! Plus, the Phillies were at the Rangers and that was great because those are my two favorite teams...the Phils just won, yay Phillies! But either way I would have been happy because I love both teams. Pretty exciting!

Like Bree's face right here! This picture was taken on Saturday morning after she'd competed in her first ever track meet. She ran the 100 meter and the 400 meter...firs ttime she'd ever run the whole way around the track which was a loooong way for those little legs, but she did an awesome job. It was also raining and about 45 degrees outside...such a little trooper!

These pictures are from today. The one on the LEFT, oh my word can you see the loveliness! That clear bright sun, oh how we have missed it! We did have a few (five, I counted) sunny days this winter, but they happened to be accompanied by single-digit wind chills, so that doesn't count. =)

Bree couldn't get over how beautiful it was under that tree while we were playing outside during Carly's RE (That's Catholic Sunday's on Monday and we pay tuition for it.), then it was home for Paul to play at the softball fields with the girls for an hour before dinner, then cleaning our crazy chickens and tucking them into bed. Katie can't wait to sleep in a big girl bed like her sisters....she's so sad when she has to go back to her room! We're going to let them have a sleepover on Friday night - it will be cute, but I'm not sure how much sleep we're any of us going to get.

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