Friday, May 02, 2014

Long Story Short

We went to a wonderful lovely wedding in Santa Rosa the last week of April. I took lots of lovely wonderful photos on my phone of course and then left said phone in the San Fransisco airport. What precisely happened was I handed it to Katie to keep her from screaming her head off in the waiting area with everyone else on our delayed flight, then I rushed Carly and Bree off to the bathroom as boarding started (we like to board last, so we had plenty of time), and then in the hustle to get all our stuff together and onto the plane, I forgot to pick up my phone. Entirely my fault. Sadly, the photos are gone. Paul ordered an iPhone for me and it arrived last naturally photos begin on:

FRIDAY (of spring break)
We went to an open concept art thing in Haddonfield, then had a yummy lunch. The girls had SO much fun and made SO many pieces of art. We all loved it so much!

The Philadelphia Science Festival is going on and the coolest events are going on all over the city! We were only able to make it to a few events throughout the week, but on Saturday we had SUCH a fun time at a farm discovery day. The weather was lovely lovely and there were tons of science learning opportunities. 

L: Carly, getting grossed out by petri dishes of germs on hands. These guys were so sweet!
R: Our friend Samantha, Carly and Bree squishing up strawberries to extract their DNA. I KNOW. So cool.

L: Bree and her vial of strawberry DNA. (You put soapy water and rubbing alcohol with the strawberry juice to pull out the DNA. The coolness! I can't take it!)
R: This adorable couple selling their prizewinning honey. We bought some and it's really good.

L: Katie, dancing to the live music provided by an Irish band. She so loved it!
R: Bree, very extremely into her spin art hosted by a Montessori school.

Carly and her friend Sam! 

Bree had a track meet and got first place in her 100meter heat. I don't know if this means she moves up a heat, but she has such a great time running, we don't care WHAT her times are. It's such an honor watching her run - she turns running into dancing. With a great big grin. I adore it!

Ooh so fun! We went to see this performance at the New Jersey State Theater. We watched the Wizard of Oz movie with the score removed and played live by the symphony. So super cool!


So, while my wedding ring was being stolen by a new babysitter (who has since been arrested for the theft), I put on Bree's spring party at school and we planted wildflower seeds. She drew this picture for her little sprouts so that they could learn math and not be lonely while she was away. That girl has such a loving heart!

Art class at the music class place. I was not super duper impressed with the age-appropriateness of the activity, but whatever; Katie had a super time painting big swirls of green and white paint all over the place.


Was FREEZING and MISERABLE and 43 degrees and raining. Blech! But we had tickets to the Phillies game and there was Science Festival stuff going on. So many superrad booths of science experiments! We only made it to 7 of the 20 booths because it really was miserable with the wind and rain blowing half the displays away, but I'm glad we went. The girls learned about conservation, electricity, physics, chemistry, how the brain works, how muscles work for so much cool info.

And the one smile Paul cracked all night (he was battling a vicious strep infection). The baseball game was delayed so long they hadn't even started by the time we got back home, but they did put the Flyers hockey game up on the jumbotron and rang the bell whenever there was a score. =)

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