Friday, December 06, 2013

What Happened Thursday

Ohhhhh have I told you how much I love toddler adventures? So, so much!
So Katie and I joined our playgroup at this cute playplace called Little Sport. There was a big atrium area with tons of balls and ride-on toys, then a series of nets with different games inside like bowling, a t-ball set up, hockey...then this giant foam shape climbing thing in the back. Katie adored that trampoline.

The staff, called "coaches." were so wonderful (and it wasn't as retina-burning bright as these pictures make it seem!) - one of the girls was gently rolling Katie and her good buddy around in this rolling bucket thing...they were laughing so hard! What a sweet morning with my little bug!

Oh, and a tiny bit of proof that I do have other children? Bree and I worked on her family gingerbread boy project. We were allowed to pick anything we wanted to decorate the little dude, so we picked cinnamon to make it smell nice. She chose to use candies to decorate his face and we'll do that tomorrow after all the glue has dried. =)

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