Sunday, December 08, 2013

Pinterest Day! Yay!

This was yesterday...Saturday, right? Whew, that seems like last week.
Anyway, Katie and I kicked off our lovely day with some practicing letters on the only magnetic surface in our house: the garage door. She saw the letters in their bin in the front closet and kept yelling "E-C-E-C" until finally I figured out what she wanted. =) Then she correctly identified a bunch of letters and I had a moment or two of feeling like Supermom. So fun. Also fleeting. =) After all that hard work learning, Katie fingerpainted herself with Nutella (not that anyone is blaming her...).


In the afternoon, the big girls and I went to a super cool Girl Scout event put on by a troop of older girls who are raising money to go on an international camping trip. That sounds super cool, and my girls had a great time doing glitter crafts.

Bree was worn out (read: super hungry and crrrranky), so she was up to take a nap and Carly and I did Pinterest projects all afternoon. We started with her playing in soap "snow" (frozen Ivory soap bars grated superfine with sprinkles of peppermint oil). When the soap began to melt, Carly made us a snowman. All this was while I was putting together cinnamon salt dough ornaments.*

Then we made this great homemade playdough. It's so easy - much better IMO than the storebought kind and wayyyyy less expensive. After this stage....we made one bowl red (dark pink) with peppermint oil and the other stayed flour color with vanilla. Super cool, very fun know..."sensory." =)

Bree finished decorating her gingerbread girl. The cups are there to hold the curling paper in place while the icing glue dried. Hopefully it holds? She designed everything herself.

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