Friday, October 04, 2013

Yay, Friday!

It's Friday! Woohoo! I know my job doesn't change a whole lot from week to weekend, but Friday means a date with my handsome husband, so I'm pretty excited. =)

Over the course of this week, all three girls have had well checks. They were way overdue because of an annoying insurance issue, but it all got resolved and now the chirren are appropriately weighed, measured and immunized.

Carly is 51 inches tall and 58 pounds: 75th percentile for both.
Bree is 44 inches tall and 42 pounds: 50th percentile for both
 Katie is 32 inches tall and 25 pounds: 85th - 90th for both.

Katie's verbal skills are really taking off, too. Yesterday when she had first come downstairs, she needed a new diaper, so we asked her to bring one and she totally did. Basically, my child is a genius. Also - I think  I remember being of the (totally misguided) opinion when Carly was this age that if a child was old enough to bring a clean diaper then they were old enough to be toilet trained. Hahahaha yeah right.
Bree at her well-check. She was so relaxed! She loved the blood pressure cuff and since this was the third time we'd been into the Fort Dix clinic this week, she was saying hi to all the staff like she owned the place. And she was wearing a tiara headband, because naturally. =)
My kids jamming to the rockabilly music at Wegman's! The little girls and I left for Bree's appointment right after noon, then we went to get Carly from school, took Carly to choir practice at the church, then we went to Target and to Wegman's and FINALLY got home at 6:45. Poor little worn out chickens!

So, Katie has adopted this new fun (that's sarcasm) habit of waking up screaming at around 4am. Then Paul brings her in bed where she kicks us for about an hour then is up ready to party at 5. Es no bueno! We'll figure it out but for now - more coffee is needed! =)

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