Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Last Week of September

It is super busy around here! We're having a great time, though, and starting next week, all of our extracurriculars will be up and running so we can figure out what our rhythm will be like.

I met a goal I set for last week to not RUSH anywhere. This resulted in me being less frazzled and also getting fewer errands accomplished. Having a half-day kindergarten adds a few logistical challenges to the mix, but I wouldn't trade it. I love and adore my afternoons with Bree! While Katie naps, Bree and I do puzzles or play whatever game her crazy imagination can devise or if she's especially tired, we crawl in my bed and read books and sometimes snooze. I try to remember those sweet, calm moments, especially on the days when the girls wake up fighting and don't stop until one or both of them are finally, finally unconscious at the end of the day.

Anyway, cuteness from the girls:


Yay, game day! We had muffalettas, jambalaya, buffalo chicken dip, PW's chex mix (the smaller bowl is a vegan version) and the ubiquitous Swedish Fish, among just your normal stuff, like veggies and salsa, etc.

 Bree had her first Daisy meeting - here she is with her good friend Claire. They made the cutest little flower gardens! So cute! Bree HATES that tunic and there is a good chance you won't ever see her wearing it again. She says it makes her look like a baby (true, but in a good way! She's not buying it.) and it's too wiggly and it's itchy, and basically anything else she could think of. =) She had a great time, though!

Front yard homework! It's the best! =)
Katie got in on and action carrying Carly's math workbook around, and Bree helped Carly come up with different things for her 'all about me' essay, about melting my heart with suggestions like, "well, you're really pretty," "and you ARE really cool," and "your hair is really golden and shiny." So sweet! 
Bree and I took turns. =)

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