Friday, September 13, 2013

We Survived!

So I only had one day of crazy mad rushing around and I lost my phone for real (as in I had to order another one from the insurance) but both girls are ready to catch the bus right now so I'm calling this week a win.

Carly had a cool project to decoupage the front of her writing notebook - we totally mod-podged that only to find out last night that her teacher is going to cover all the notebook fronts with tape to protect them.

We also reconfirmed that it is necessary to pick out clothes for the week every week, especially for Bree. We've had three days (out of FIVE!) of crying meltdowns over clothes. And I'm not really even that controlling about her wardrobe! It was just a problem when she dug out corduroys and a sweater for the 95-degree day, and wanted to wear a floaty pink church dress on the day everyone was supposed to wear red, white, and blue. Cue big tears and stompy freakouts.

So today she's wearing parts of four different coordinating outfits (which, obviously, do not coordinate with one another), but it's weather appropriate so I don't even care. Dressed? Clean? Hair done? Okay, we're good. We go with minimum standards of presentability around here. =)

Anyway, the phone should arrive this weekend. Paul has his reunion and the girls and I are going to go see Curious George at the farm and then visit family and take as many naps as possible.


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