Monday, September 09, 2013


The girls started school today! Correction: 2/3 of my girls started school today!

There ARE pictures, but they are located on my phone whose precisely, well...I don't know. I will find it and post the hilarity as soon as possible, promise.

Katie and I split the morning between a meet and greet at the school, meeting the PTO board members and lots of (scary, terrifying) other new parents. I swear to you, when I meet new people I have to tell myself that parent line usually used when we're near bees or ants or something, "don't worry; they're more scared of you than you are of them." And then, without fail, my smartass brain goes, "UM DOUBTFUL." I survived though, and I got the info I needed to successfully work the info desk at school tomorrow morning...which will bring me in contact with tons more people, but it's much less scary because I have a job to do. And a desk behind which to hide. =)

As far as the girls, Carly had a good day and made some friends and finished her homework and Bree told me a few times that she was totally bored because all they did was "wait and wait and wait" and color. Bree is only at school for 2.5 hours, so I'm not sure exactly how much waiting she actually DID, but you know...

We're super excited for this year and looking forward to lots of learning adventures!

Carly's goals: Learn more multiplication and division, move up in her reading level, get straight A's

Bree's goals: Learn how to read "really fast," learn about fishes and tigers and make friends

My hopes for the year are simple: that my kids learn and grow and that nobody gets sick with anything affecting anything south of the solar plexus.

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