Saturday, September 14, 2013

So, If I had my phohe...

And, to be fair, I DO have a camera. The battery is charging right now because we're going back to that little farm to pick apples in a little while....

You'd see our new table that wobbles because we had to build it ourselves. I kind of figured once we graduated to Crate and Barrel and away from Ikea my days with the dreaded allen wrench would be over, but apparently no. I'm going to try to not be bitter about it. =) It's just that I (both of us) STINK at building things! Cute table, though, even if the cabinet doors don't fit right.

The weather is STUNNING. Sunny and cool - it's perfect for the second week of September.

We got our first delivery from Fresh Direct! It arrived at 8:15am (I ordered yesterday at 3pm) and the stuff is all perfect and arrived chilled and....yeah, it's super cool. I'll be using this service! Especially during the winter when I will want to go into hibernation mode and not drag my six hundred children out into the freezing cold and germs. It's like the pick-up thing in NC, except one step better and not more expensive, add in the coupon for $50 off our first two orders (enough to get us hooked, haha) and it's a huge win! I love it.

I don't need my camera for this, but Paul is in Annapolis at his college reunion. I just saw a picture of him and his friends, and hopefully they will continue posting throughout the day so I can make sure he's still relatively alright. haha

Happy Football, everyone! =)

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