Monday, August 19, 2013

Zoo Times Two (and a bonus)

We are proud new members of the:
Yay! We got the membership that includes free guest passes with each visit so when you come see us (which you will, of course!), we can totally go!

Bree was in charge of the camera on our inaugural trip to the zoo! She got the sweetest photo of Paul and Katie walking by the zebras. I love Katie's baby stomp steps!

Carly and Safari...and then Katie again, making sure she's appropriately accessorized with that random bow she found in the depths of the Adventure Bag (pictured above, graciously hiding a multitude of sins).

We had to take Paul to the airport this morning for his certification business trip, so we went to the zoo AGAIN...since we were already in Philly, why not? Bree chose her own outfit, which was colorfully awesome. Bree and I were in Real Simple magazine this month on the topic of fashion, too! That was pretty fun to see my name attached to a highly edited version of what I actually said. =)

Bonus picture of Katie from last Friday's trip to the pool. It was too cool for her to swim, so I took her over to the little playground area where she ate two peaches and made a sticky, sandy, adorable mess out of herself. That FACE, seriously, I cannot get enough.

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KKGhoffman said...

Liz you look so good!! We not see many pictures of you on here :)

And I love that Bree's has a fashion column already :)