Sunday, August 18, 2013


I'm uploading pictures from our adventures yesterday and just noticed that we went to the grocery store on is now Sunday and we need to go again because we have been through all the fruit and most of the veggies. I checked out a couple of cool cookbooks from our awesome-amazing-incredible library, and we have enjoyed the following over the last FOUR DAYS:

* fresh blueberry whole wheat muffins (my family somehow ate 2 dozen full size muffins in 24 hours)

* roasted cauliflower with anchovy sauce - better than it sounds, this one involved capers and cream and parmesan, too. hello deliciousness.

* roasted summer squash and tomatoes over whole wheat pasta (with ricotta salata - which no one likes)

*yummy amazing creamed spinach (Katie alone ate about half of one of those big clamshells-worth) with seared grassfed steak (SO GOOD)

Right now I have a soy sauce and honey pork roast in the crock pot while the mushrooms are roasting, and because that meal will take forever to cook, we're doing fresh corn and roasted cauliflower (the un-fancy version) for lunch. And that will be the end of our vegetables (except onions...) for the week. The up side to this is a) I like grocery shopping and b) Wegman's is four miles down the road. =)

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scott bonnin said...

I don't care for Ricotta salata either. Salty sheep cheese?