Tuesday, August 20, 2013

And It Started So Well...

I'm doing the anti-mommy blog thing right now. This is mostly because I'm hard headed and stubborn and also because I'm SO OVER the know-it-all supermommies writing all about what they did to solve basically every parenting issue known to motherkind and how we should all do it, too. I'm boycotting HuffPost Parents for the foreseeable future, for real. I think the Facebook post this morning about someone encouraging all of us to give our children a small rock engraved with an inspirational saying to ease first day of school jitters...please. Pleeeeeaaaase.

(To be fair here, those people make their livings off of advising other parents how to be "awake" or "present" or "whatever" so I'm probably in the small minority of people who are heartily annoyed by getting advice from people who have been doing this less time than me.)

So anyway, to counteract that, I have two stories. One is slightly ironic given the above paragraph. =)

1) Yesterday at the zoo, Bree lost sight of me for a few minutes while we were in the kids' area. I could see her the whole time thanks to the fact she was dressed in super bright colors, but I was in the middle of getting Katie into her stroller (no easy task, y'all, believe me) and in the couple of minutes it took me to navigate the hand washing courtyard area, she had approached a family for help and was listing off all the stuff she's been taught to say - I couldn't hear everything but the mom was putting a phone number into her phone so I'm pretty sure Bree had gotten to that part. Irony alert: we've taught the kids to look for people with name tags and moms with kids if they ever get separated from us. Clearly Bree has learned that lesson well....a little TOO well, because the dad of the family leaned down to ask her a question and she stuck her hand in his face and said "Don't talk to me MAN, I'm talking to the mom-with-kids!" I did overhear that part because I was right next to them and he actually backed into me respecting Bree's boundaries. Lol - that kid. At least now we know she knows what to do. =)

And now you do, too! You're welcome!

2) This morning started out so well! The big girls came downstairs and we snuggled and talked and watched a fun show and then Katie came down and everyone had breakfast and it was calm and lovely. There was talking nonstop, seriously, without stopping and usually more than one kid at a time, for three straight hours, but at least it was nice. Then the girls went to play in the basement because they needed to run and jump and yell and that is what the basement is intended to contain. Then they went upstairs to change into bathing suits and, as per the usual, within thirty seconds, Bree was screaming her head off and they were hitting one another. MERCY!

So now we're headed to the pool and hopefully it goes well. The kids are still talking over one another and without stopping and Bree is running circles around the island, but hopefully the pool will help them get some energy out so we can have a peaceful afternoon with a successful trip to the piano studio. We shall see! I have no secret solutions for this mania. I just feed them and give them places to run and hope that they are too tired to fight that much. =)

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