Thursday, August 08, 2013

Oh Man

It all sounded so good!

Lay out a few worksheets and fun get-ready-for-school activities for the kids to do when they wake up to get their brains warmed up for school so it's not as much of a shock when they have to THINK beyond just the reading and activities we've been doing.

Lovingly laid out with all the necessary supplies and really clear, happy, upbeat directions for the girls - because they normally get up earlier than me - ready for a few minutes of brain work before they start playing or watching PBS shows before breakfast.

Part of the problem here is that I had an idea in my head of them popping downstairs and, like when Carly was little, happily completing their fun work and then going on with the morning! A little bit of brain work, a little bit of kid shows - happy everyone! So that's not how it turned out. Like, not at all.

At various points over the last hour, both have them have been lying on the floor hating life and complaining about all this stuff they have to do and how their lives are miserable. I told them they didn't have to do the projects right now - they have all day! The kicker is they can't watch kid shows until the work is done, though....*cue doom and gloom music and the reason for the meltdowns.*

Sweet mercy, there isn't enough coffee in the world, y'all. Gahhhhhhh

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