Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Ready Freddy...I think...

Lately I've been obsessed with Being Prepared.

For school, for snacktime, for every holiday in the next six months...it's getting a little out of hand. Or is it?

Part of this is due to the fact that having three children is a constant juggling act. It seems like someone always needs something right now - food, a clean outfit, a nap, a hug, a correction, help with something, a bandaid...you name it! I have a tendency to get so caught up in that merry-go-round that more periodic tasks get plain forgotten unless they've been planned for and packed up during the couple of hours I have clear at night. I also have a tendency for really odd multi-tasking, which basically never helps me stay on track.

 Take today, for example. We had plans today, but we made those plans at 8, when I was in the middle of feeding the girls their breakfast (avocados, blueberries, spoons of peanut butter), trying to direct the girls getting ready to go to the gym, and weirdly also going through the space bags of clothes downstairs pulling out cooler weather clothes for Katie and Bree to see what they have and what they may need. I know it's August. I know. So anyway we managed to make it to the gym with a charged phone (not all that unusual) a water bottle for me, and umm....no preparation for the park. Like, none at all. I literally did not think about snacks until my friend was asking me about food allergies as Katie bit the cheese cracker right out of her own little friend's hand. Oops.

So anyway, that stunk and that inability to think in the moment is why I've been so crazy about planning for everything I can think of. All the big stuff...so maybe less of the little stuff will fall through the cracks? We can only hope.

So...we have the following:

School supplies...all labeled by Mabel's Labels. We got Back to School Bundles for both girls and ended up with plenty of labels for each crayon and composition book with extras to get a good start on next year's Labelpalooza.

Back packs for both big girls (Crocodile Creek for Bree, and Jansport for Carly with a matching lunchbox):

Halloween costumes all around! This is Bree's, but Carly is going to be a leopard and Katie is going as a fluffy pumpkin because I found the costume for about nothing last November.

Christmas picture dresses from Zulily, natch - Katie's is a wrap dress in this fabric, Bree's has straight sleeves and little pockets AND big ruffly pants to match. Love! Seriously! Can't wait:

Snow boots for everyone! From Zulily again...but they were so, so, so inexpensive, and I'm so, so, so nervous that this Southern-bred mother will leave my poor little bebes shivering out here in the Frozen North. Of course I will undoubtedly overcompensate and they'll end up looking like that kid from A Christmas Story, but better that than frostbite! Cute, cute, super cute.

Bree's dance wardrobe, shoes, tights, etc.

New swimsuits for Carly's swim team.

Lightweight jackets for all the chirren.

Now....I just need Thanksgiving outfits, snow pants and to actually stamp and mail out the Christmas cards I addressed last week. Ridiculous when you consider the laundry isn't all the way done and I need to dust the blinds! Seriously!

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