Saturday, August 10, 2013

This Week's Adventures

It was Rootbeer Float Day on Tuesday! My original plan was to hop down to Wegman's and pick up the necessary ingredients for an RBF or two at the house...but right as I was loading the chickens into my car, Paul pulled up and suggested we go out. The girls heard THAT and....Friendly's there we were! Huuuuuuge floats all around, followed by a looooong walk for the bigs to work off some of that sugar.

Thursday, we went to the pool despite the overcast rainy-looking weather. Katie repaid us by being extra special adorable with Carly's goggles and then kicking her sweet little feet in the side of the pool.

This morning we went to a music party at the library - it was so cute! Bree met another spitfire friend and they danced circles around the two- and three-year olds who were the target audience. Carly (she's in the background while Katie tries to hold everything), about broke my heart with her sweetness. She was a little bored during a few songs, but she still got excited when the shaky stuff came out and participated in a lot of the songs...that innocence is so fleeting, and I know this may be one of our last moments, before she realizes she's too big or cool for that kind of stuff. My sweet, lovely girl. 
Then Katie read some books in the kid area afterward! Books are her favorite =)

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