Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Things

1) This baby is so cute, right? So cute.
We were at the pool for four hours today, and this napless darling spent the entire time charming lifeguards and stealing beach balls while her oldest sister jumped on the diving board about a hundred times and swallowed so much pool water she now has a stomachache and her middle sister made friends with every child between the ages of almost-five and seven. I love sunscreen hair and fat cheeks! =)

2) My sister is nannying in the Hamptons this month. Oh, I know. Anyway, she's been shopping at the thrift stores because come to find out, people who own or rent homes in Southampton also happen to donate never-worn designer clothing that are then marked half off of thrift store prices during the yearly sale in August. Hello. So she picked up some things for me, this top among them, while she was shopping. Yay!

3) Ah, Cooking Day. 
It's a brutal, messy, exhausting necessity, re-entering our lives this week so we (I) can finish getting prepared for the school year madness. I would be lying if I told you I loved cooking days because really, I don't love twelve hours of sauteeing, baking, cleaning (and cleaning, and cleaning). What I DO love is having healthy, mostly-prepared food in the refrigerator ready to go. No, it doesn't taste as good as fresh made, but let me tell you, reheated carnitas beats the heck out of PBJ any day.


4) Something a little more fun? Shopping for furniture! Yay! I think we've more or less decided on an asthetic, if not the actual furniture. This piece is pretty, but cheap (not just the get what you pay for!). It's super fun looking around and it will be extra fun when my front two rooms don't echo for lack of furnishings. =)

5) And finally! I got this in the mail yesterday and so far it feels divine. It's from the people who came up with Proactiv and it's been featured on a bunch of morning news shows and in several magazines. I'll let you know how it works for me over a longer trial period than thirty hours! Then I will point you toward my consultant who will then no doubt tell me (again for the hundredth time) that I should "join her team." Don't worry though - I will not be selling anything, so you're safe from that.

5 1/2    Paul is coming home tomorrow! Yay!
5 3/4    So naturally our vacuum cleaner is no longer working. For the record, Dysons do lose suction occasionally. We're probably the first family to make that happen, but it DOES happen. =)

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