Saturday, July 27, 2013

Simona and Raymond!

Our friends Simona and Raymond came to visit! They traveled from San Diego to visit with family up in Connecticut for a couple of weeks, and while they were near us, they decided to come by! We had a great time with them and my youngest two enjoyed meeting Carly's oldest friend...seeing as how she and Raymond used to hang out in the mama's bellies while Simona and I worked together in a construction office.a

They came in Thursday afternoon and went to see Turbo while I went to pick up Paul from his trip...the next morning we got up and went to the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, then walked around Independence Square and the big kids and Simona saw the Liberty Bell while Katie and I walked around. The weather was absolutely beautiful, sunny with a cool breeze and low humidity.


The special exhibit right now is 1968. It was super cool!


Then we went to the Reading Terminal Market which is probably one of my top ten favorite places On Earth, seriously. I love it so much. We saw some freaky anatomically correct chocolate organs - they had lungs, kidneys, ears, teeth and noses, too - and got juice at the best juice place. Katie had apple/banana/peach and she sat just like that until she'd finished the entire thing. 


This candy counter is AMAZING. Those jars are all different kinds of black licorice and there are about 100 different kinds of truffles beneath!

Raymond shared his iPad with the girls and Katie was stoked to get to hang out with the big kids and I realized I desperately need to put some art on the wall above my couch. And refinish the chest that serves as our coffee table. =)

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