Saturday, July 27, 2013


Let me first start by saying I love all of this craziness. I realize, all too well, that these days are few and fleeting and before long...yada yada yada. I consciously chose this for my daytime work and I never regret that choice even though...

So the summer is insanity. I mean, imagine you have a job, right? Something important, helps others, makes the world a better place, etc. Your dream job. And you expect to go into the office and just do your day. Well, the phone rings an hour earlier than you planned on leaving and one of your coworkers is like GET IN HERE NOW OMG RIGHT NOW! So you rush out of the house and into the office and when you get there the phone rings every thirty seconds with someone else needing a fax, or a spreadsheet, or they have a question requiring research. You get halfway through a conversation and the fax machine starts spitting out urgent requests for data, then the water cooler falls over and the phone is still ringing. Every time you open your computer, you are faced with quotes and reminders of how important your work is and how everything you do and say matters so DON'T SCREW IT UP and don't forget to take time for yourself to develop interests and be fit and have friends, and oh by the way, you have about twenty minutes to finish this presentation for tomorrow. This goes on until lunch and thankfully most of the office clears out for a little while - you use those few minutes (maybe 15 all told) to file stuff, respond to some of the emails that came in, call the carpet cleaning guy for the water spill and take one last forlorn look at the to-do list you tacked up on your cute bulletin board in a moment of inspiration, so in the back of your head you have "you should be writing that grant right now" going in a constant loop as you are dealing with crisis after phone call after crisis. Anyway, the afternoon is much the same as the morning - papers going everywhere, texts and phone calls with requests coming in. The darn phone, seriously, every ten seconds, you can't complete a thought. There are no staples and the copy machine broke. You finally manage to make it to the end of the day without anyone dying and your business partner walks in, surveys the mess and is like, "wth happened here today?" And just stick that on repeat.

But really! 

Anyway, here is a little photographic evidence from last week. Wednesday, the big girls got to go to mini-golf with Aunt Amanda. They had a BLAST - and a large amount of sugar - so we tried to keep it really healthy for lunch but...well...Bree on sugar is like a Gremlin if you feed it after midnight, for real.

Then piano (Tuesday). We're going to get a sitter for Katie. She's adorable and hilarious but gosh.

And Thursday, school assessments. The girls both did well and the reading specialist who performed the assessments was sufficiently impressed with Bree's reading abilities. =)

New walkers are about my favorite thing ever.

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