Thursday, July 04, 2013

Park #5!

Yet another playdate park, and wow.

#5: Jake's Place Challenge Park in Cherry Hill

Surface: rubber mat (yay!)   Baby swings: yes  Shade: some    Sight-lines: pretty clear    Fenced: no    Seating: benches, a few picnic tables     Restrooms: yes 
Material: mostly metal and some plastic     Ages: mixed


This is an "inclusion" park; it's designed to be wheelchair accessible, with lots of visually stimulating elements low to the ground. They even thought to put all the noisy chimes and clacking stuff in one section, so kids with sensory issues could avoid them. That's not really applicable to us but I still think it's cool. The ramps made it so Katie could get everywhere, too, even though my little mountain goat preferred to climb up everything. This park is SO fun! It is beautifully landscaped, there is a walking path, a soccer field and a farm next to the parking lot (on the other side). It wasn't very crowded at first, but it got pretty busy while we were there. We'll definitely be back - it was great!

**Listen, I know these are probably totally boring but honestly I will be using them to keep up with where we want to go again, so bear with us. =) **

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