Thursday, July 04, 2013

Birthdays and Other Adventures

This precocious, funny, smart, adventurous little chicken turned 8! We had a quiet birthday celebration at the house and she loved her new bike and other rad gifts from our family.

Katie loves my sunglasses. Listen, this Ergo is probably the best piece of baby gear we have. This and the pack-n-play, for real. She's been in pretty much every day since she was born and we still have ten more pounds of growth before she's out of it! We looooove it. =)
If you're on my fb, you've seen this. I took the girls last week to Ikea to pick up a few more things for their's getting REALLY expensive, but it's all cute stuff. Anyway, we arrived a little too early so we stopped for another breakfast. It might be just my own children, but as soon as we arrive to anywhere they are magically starving and dying of thirst. 
We took the kids to the Jersey shore last weekend (before Carly's bday but I didn't want to put the beach pictures before her special day!)....the kids played from 10-5 and passed out as soon as we started driving. =)

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