Wednesday, July 03, 2013

More Parks! From Last Week

Ohhhhkay, we're back. This is from the 28th....last Friday. We had a playdate at one park, and then a make-up only-us playdate at the one right by our make up for the first one. =)

So, Park #3!
Woodcrest Park in a neighborhood in Haddonfield

Surface: older mulch with lots of dirt     Baby swings: yes    Shade: minimal    Sight-lines: clear
Fenced: yes, with gate   Seating: yes, picnic tables and one bench    Restrooms: nope     Material: plastic and metal     Ages: 1-5

This is clearly a neighborhood park, and as such it's actually pretty cool. My girls are getting spoiled by all the great playgrounds near us, so we weren't super impressed! The structures are cool but for younger kids and that rad-looking rocking airplane was FULL of water, and I mean up to the top, scary full. Ew. The sand pit could be totally fun because of the millions of dump trucks in there and the shade, but it was a pretty sticky day, so we steered clear. No restrooms makes this a tough park for a long visit (we actually had to leave after about 15 minutes because someone had to go). With it being 10 miles from our house (and with that now being a "long" way, haha), we probably won't be back. Nice try, though! 

Moving on! Park #4!

Westampton Rec
Located right behind Westampton Friends, by lots of athletic fields

Surface: mulch    Baby swings: no   Shade: none    Sight-lines: clear    Fenced: no
Seating: two benches    Restrooms: at concession stand nearby    Material: plastic and plastic that looks like wood     Ages: mixed

Clearly intended for bored siblings of young athletes, this playground looked really simple from the road but actually has some really cool and challenging stuff on it! My girls LOVED it. There are chimes (seen in the picture above) and huge monkey bars, lots of climbing's great. It does have those horrible spinny things I hate because without fail someone ends up going too fast and flying off, but other than that and a complete lack of shade (not a big deal on a rainy day), it was cool. We liked it and we'll def be back, especially since it's only a couple of miles from the house. Yay!

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