Thursday, June 27, 2013

Playground #2

This morning we did a preview of a playground the meetup group will be visiting in a couple of weeks! The girls loved it! I'd say it's five stars but I'm hesitant to attach "grades" until we're more used to our surroundings. Coming from having three playgrounds within thirty miles to all of this has us a little star struck. Katie did learn how to do the slide all by herself today, though! I'd help her climb up the lovely age-appropriate platform steps and she figured out how to sit on her bottom and wiggle down until she slid. It was super cute and she must have done it twenty times!

Zelley Park in downtown Moorestown

Ages: another good mixed-age playground. A success for the 13-month old and the nearly 8-year old

Surface: mulch       Baby swings: in tot lot area       Shade: abundant      Sight-lines: obstructed
Seating: yes, benches throughout        Restrooms: yes, near        Material: plastic that looks like wood     
Fenced: yes, no gate. addt'l fence separates little and big kid spaces

Pros: it's a beautiful park! Plenty of head room for big kids to run under their area, fence keeps smaller kids separated and safe from the big ones, lots of picnic tables and shade. Set well back from the street with a second fence near the curb and about six feet of "green space" between the two boundaries. Cute and creative elements, beautifully maintained - the girls loved it. 

Cons: Tough for keeping tabs on/interacting with kids of different ages from one side of the playground to another

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KKGhoffman said...

Looks like yall are having a great summer!! Sounds like your move went well, that is great to hear! Hopefully you find schools that you like, sounds like you have lots of options.