Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday Morning

I just finished a book - it will be on the sidebar for a couple of days...Never Let Me Go. It is a strange book, written as a kind of memoir of a young woman who had been cloned in order to 'donate' vital organs as an adult. She talks about her childhood friends at an idyllic "school" full of kids who, like herself, had been cloned. The memories she describes, mostly revolving around two of her friends, are so ordinary, made more disturbing because of the casual references to the "donations" or how donors feel when they receive notice of their fourth, and final, donation. The narrator is looking back on her life, and has just learned how she is viewed by society as a whole, and the role hope has played in her life. It's a very good book, just not something I'd necessarily recommend when you're moving away, literally and figuratively, from what you know. Hopefully the next book on the list is a little more uplifting!
Okay, moving on.
We spent the morning at the beach. Shocking!!! No really, we spent the very early morning doing a little homework while Katie slept off her 3:30 am playdate with Daddy. Then we all went to the gym and THEN we went to the beach with Bree's special friend. We met other friends there and all the kids went hunting for sand fleas...which aren't really fleas at all, just huge roly-poly cousins that like to dig in the sand.

Katie made a sweet four-legged friend.
And Bree is a NUT! That girl!!!

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