Monday, June 24, 2013

We're Alive!

And moved in! We're still working out the pictures-on-the-wall situation but that takes a while. Paul used his super powers of organization and focus to whip our garage and little storage area into amazing shape - he put in 14 hours in two days and it's awesome and functional (ie something I could never do!).

Right now, I have Bree whining and complaining and she stomps up and down in the kitchen. The girls took granola bars into the basement which has been strictly and repeatedly that's their breakfast. Oh man they are unhappy about it. Just a second ago, I heard "ALL the mommies and daddies in the world make breffixt butcept of YOU!" *stomp stomp stomp*

Such drama!

Anyway, today is school tour day. We're looking at the public school and a private school. If I could do anything in the world, I'd send them to Moorestown Friends with its beautiful, tree-lined campus and lovely light-filled buildings and dedication to character and service, but who wouldn't? I mean, if you had an extra 200k laying around just for one kid from 3rd grade to high school graduation without any tuition increases or extracurricular activities, that would be any reasonable person's choice, right? =)

I can't get over how lucky we are to be able to choose between really great options which school we'd like our girls to attend. It's such a fun difference!

Other fun differences about this area include a Wegman's two miles down the road, no end of retail and small shopping options, high standards for extracurricular activities (this is balanced by equally high, and proportionately less fun, fees)...and on and on down to our fancy appliances and lovely hard wood floors. We've met some very nice neighbors in our extremely diverse neighborhood and we have a playdate tomorrow to hopefully meet some new friends.

We'll see how that goes, though. Katie is is in the process on cutting two molars and what I think is a canine and that work has turned my normally sweet, easygoing, chill baby into a snotty, screaming, angry little gremlin.....who is no longer happy sitting on my lap.

Pics later!

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