Thursday, June 13, 2013

Because You Need More Beach Pictures....

Katie was so happy to play with the big girls! We were at the beach at 9, and just waited around for Paul to go to the gym and pick up an umbrella for us. The beach was super crowded because, despite the yucky weather predictions (seriously, that dude is ALWAYS wrong), it ended up being a perfect beach day. Warm, slight breeze...the water was great. The girls spent a good deal of the morning making drip castles, and Katie perfecting her coiffure skills.

This is Bree =)
Paul came down to the beach around 12:30. Which was good because the kids were STARVING by then! They all ate, then I took Katie up for her nap. Some friends of ours came out to the beach to hang out for a while and let the girls play together. These two friends are the youngest of a family of four girls - they match right up with Carly and Bree and they're all great friends! We will miss them so!

We went straight from the beach to Carly's end of season softball party. It was kind of weird coming out of vacation world back to normal life, but good for my little sports star. She loved being on this softball team! Such good girls AND, Carly got Most Improved Player aka Rookie of the Year. We were excited for her because this trophy (her, um, NINTH) was actually earned, not just a given.

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