Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Goodbye to North Carolina!

A little symmetry - we took Bree and Katie (Carly was still with her friends) to Mike's Place for breakfast before Bree's end-of-season ceremony for teeball. This was where the girls and I went for our very first breakfast on Emerald Isle almost exactly two years before this picture was taken. Bree had just had one of my Altoids and then had orange juice - that's such a terrible combination! Poor kid - but now she knows. =)

Carly with her good friends Ainsley and Lucy. SUCH sweet girls! We are so happy to have known them!

Bree and her friend Marin (Ainsley's little sister)
Katie took her first wobbly little step here - we're not calling it official, but she got so very close.
The bridge, coming off the island to the mainland. This picture is crappy and doesn't do it justice, but this was such a fun view. Every day we would check to see how the trees had changed during the spring and count the maniacs running or biking in those tiny shoulders.
Pit stop for road snacks and one TIRED baby. Oh my word - she's so sleepy it HURTS.

Road trip!!! We stopped at the Wegman's in Fredericksburg VA not knowing that there would be a Wegman's three miles from our new house! These poor exhausted kids! Our trip ended up taking just shy of ten hours and they did really great, all things considered.
Such a little lady =)

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