Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Friday on the Beach....2.5 weeks ago...

I'm probably messing all the days up here, but Friday morning, Carly went with Paul to drop off Carly's friend. I was supposed to be in charge of the drop off, but Sophia's mom, Terra, is one of my closest friends from our Marine life and we'd said goodbye already. I chickened out on having to go through that AGAIN and stayed back with the babies to hang out on the beach....where neither of them really wanted to be after a week of forced fun. They were troopers and had snacks and played peek-a-boo just fine, though.


We met more friends on the beach after Carly got back from dropoff. She played pretty well for a while but then she disappeared. First I found her like the left picture, and then I found her like the right picture, with one of her friends trying to wake up our tired little jellybean.
Suuuuuper sleepy Carly with friends

During all of that, Katie had been taking her nap.
The awful horrible mean-mother picture on the left makes me laugh - she was having a great time with that screen!

Carly rested for a tiny bit then she was off to yet another sleepover while Paul and I brought the babies BACK to the beach one last time.


One of the homes in the condo complex had whirligigs hanging from the balcony. Katie loved to watch them as we were walking back to our little vacation nest.

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